Core Aeration and Overseeding Comprehensive Fertilizer Plan
NEW Organic Fertilizer Plan

Aeration is the best thing you can do for your lawn! Go Green! will drive 1/2” holes in your lawn, giving the grass roots air to breathe and easy access to water, nutrients and grass seed.


up to 15,000 sq. ft.

Step 1: Starter Fertilizer
Step 2: Crabgrass Control
Step 3: Grub Prevention
Step 4: Turf Builder
Step 5: Winter Fertilizer


*Program is customized to the size of your yard.

Step 1: Corn Gluten (April/May)
Step 2: Starter Fertilizer (May/June)
Step 3: Lawn Booster (June/July)
Step 4: Fall Booster (Sept)
Step 5: Core Aeration & Overseed


up to 15,000 sq. ft. lawn

Have you ever wondered why golf courses have such beautiful, green fairways? Certainly the fertilizers that they use are helpful. But perhaps the primary reason is that they aerate the fairways. Each year, Go Green! Landscape Supply aerates and overseeds hundreds of lawns on the South Shore. We take pride in helping South Shore residents beautify their lawns.

aeration1What is aeration?

Core aeration is the best thing that you can do for your lawn. Go Green! uses a machine to drive ½-inch holes into your lawn. These holes give the roots of your lawn easy access to nutrients, water and oxygen. It is like giving your lawn these nutrients intravenously--it goes right to its core.

When should we aerate?

There are two great times to aerate. The best time is in the fall. Specifically in the Greater Boston area, the best time is right after Labor Day. The second best time is in the early spring, as this is the optimal time for growing healthy grass.

What is “overseeding”?

After we aerate your lawn, we then spread grass seed over it. This is called overseeding. It is not a heavy seeding like you would do if you were re-seeding a new lawn. Rather, it is enough seed so that 95% of the holes made by the aerator have 2-5 grass seeds in them. All you need to do after this is water your lawn.

How does fertilizer relate to aeration?

Go Green! offers two great fertilizer plans to accompany our basic core aeration plan to have even more of an impact on the health of your lawn. See above for details on our three plans.