Landscape Products

  Price per
3-4 yards
Price per
5-9 yards
Price per
10+ yards
Stone Dust Stone Dust Our stone dust is extra fine with a blue/gray color. You can use it for a base and between bricks, cobbles and pavers. Also used for walkways. $45/yard $43/yard $41/yard
Crushed Stone 3/4" Crushed Stone The perfect stone for so many uses! Great for French drains and also extremely popular as driveway stone. Look around town and you will see it everywhere! $45/yard $43/yard $41/yard
Crusher Run Crusher Run This is a 50/50 mix of crushed stone and stone dust and makes a perfect hard pack or dense grade! Use it to fix pot holes or as an underlayment for a patio. $45/yard $43/yard $41/yard
Masonry Sand Masonry Sand Our masonry sand is coarse enough for concrete mix and also fine enough for sandboxes. $45/yard $43/yard $41/yard
Washed Brown NEW! 3/4" Washed Brown - Semi round
Our washed brown stone option is semi-round stones, perfect for landscaping and a great alternative to mulches. $50/yard $48/yard $46/yard
Pea Stone NEW! 3/8" Pea Stone Semi-round stones in a natural brown color. Pea stones are another great option for driveways, walkways, and general landscaping. $51/yard $49/yard $47/yard