Landscape Products

  Price per
3-4 yards
Price per
5-17 yards
Price per
18+ yards
Loam Super Loam This is a perfect soil booster! Our loam is screened with a 1/2-inch screen and mixed with compost to give your gardens and lawns the perfect mix of moisture-holding organic material and growing loam. $35/yard $30/yard $24/yard
Horticultural Horticultural Blend One-half compost, one-half loam, this new environmentally-friendly horticultural blend helps amend poor drainage for healthy lawns and plants. $40/yard $38/yard $36/yard
Compost Compost Our compost is made from composted leaves. Lots of earthworms too help make it the best compost in Massachusetts! $45/yard $43/yard $35/yard
Manure Horse Manure This is another great soil booster and the secret to a great tomato garden. All our manure has been aged at least 6 months and is all from local farms! $32/yard $30/yard $28/yard