About Us

Who We Are

south shore's  best mulch

Go Green! Landscape Supply was founded in 2008 by South Shore native Tim Lopes. Tim worked in Corporate America for years, traveling all over the globe for his job, but often wondered if there was something more he could be doing, for his family, his town, and the world. In 2001 he left the business world and entered the local green recycling industry where he felt he could really make an impact. Seven short years later, he founded his own company to further make a difference. Go Green! Landscape Supply is now the South Shore's leading supplier of mulch, loam, stone, firewood and other eco-friendly landscape supply products.

What We Do

Using the latest green recycling technology, we turn one man's trash into another man's treasure. We take grass, leaves, brush, stumps, trimmings, etc. and recycle them into the hearty products we sell. We have a great partnership with the town of Scituate that allows residents to drop off their green waste with us at no charge. This saves residents money, and saves the town money as well because it's keeping it local rather than shipping it out to recycle!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people beautify their yards and help the planet by doing it through recycling green waste.